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heatstroke prevention

National Heatstroke Prevention Day

Also: Obesity fight in NYC goes to another level, the best baby and toddler slings, carriers and backpacks voted by parents.

Eight Best Sugar Alternatives

There are many healthier, lower-calorie refined sugar alternatives that won’t make you miss that sweet sensation.

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Obesity Rate Among Young American Children Finally Drops

Also: Importance of creating a healthier environment in the family; Newly found links between toxins and developmental disorders.

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Is Vegetarian School Menu a Solution to Pink Slime and Child Obesity?

Also: Why girls’ education in Africa matters; Healthy snacks can reduce future risk of breast cancer.

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Saturday News: Kids and Adult Illnesses, Clothes for Kids with Down Syndrome, Obesity Fight and Prescriptions for Fruits and Veggies

Kids and increasing adult illnesses, new clothing collection for kids with Down Syndrome, new program fighting obesity with prescriptions for fruit and veggies.

sugary drink risk

Love Your Soda Drinks? Consider Your Health

More reasons to limit soda intake for kids, and some healthier alternatives.