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Algea building, green architecture

The Ultimate Green Building Powered by Algae

Also: Climate change and family planning.

Sarah House Utah, green architecture, container houses

Stylish and Affordable Shipping Container Homes

Also: Tesla on a mission to supercharge Europe.

hemp, green energy, clean energy, green ambitions

Hemp Waste into New Energy Storage

Also: The world’s biggest companies are investing in recycling.

clean energy

Clean Energy: Savings for Homeowners (Part Two)

Our third video in the Clean Energy series continues the discussion on energy savings and introduces current renewable energy options for homeowners.

pistachios shells, clean energy

Biogas from Pistachio Shells to Heat New Turkish City

Also: Five key things to know about climate change and food.

Green architecture, organic architecture

The Future of Solar Panels

Also: Organic house by a Mexican architect Javier Senosiain; The latest United Nations report on climate change.

urban chicken coop, urban farming

Urban Farming: Chicken Coop for Your Balcony

Also: Contaminated mines turned into solar mega-farms; Wyoming refuses to teach about climate change.

off shore wind farm, clean energy, climate change

Pesticide Roundup Found in 75% of Tested Air And Rain Samples

Also: Using wastewater to solve water shortage problem; Offshore wind farms as hurricane barriers.

water vapor, climate change, alternative power sources

Power Derived from Humidity Could Be the Next Big Source

Also: California’s water crisis also threatens beer quality; The C40 climate leadership summit suggests solutions for future cities.

alternative energy source

Las Alternativas de Energía Renovable

A continuación presentamos la primera parte de una entrevista en torno a alternativas de energía renovable. Nuestro invitado es Máximo Torres quien es un experimentado consultor de energía removable con más de veinte años de experiencia en energía renovable y diseñador de productos integrados y gabinetes para aplicaciones fotovoltaicas.

New Solar-Wind Hybrid Comes to Life

Also: Old barn into stylish Alpine retreat; Higher education leads in actions against climate change.

modern tree houses, green architecture, green design

Spain Leads in Global Wind Energy

Also: Algae could be the next big power source; Modern tree house inspired by the golden spiral.

green architecture, prefab homes

Modern Green Prefab Homes Go Mainstream

Also: D.C. sewage system to generate electricity; Fungi could help boost crops and slow global warming.

green stores, sustainable business

Whole Foods Becomes Role Model in Energy Efficiency

Also: Newly found chemical compounds pose danger to health; Clean energy from cow gas.

green architecture

New Sustainable Textile Is on Horizon

Also: Idaho architect’s tiny dream house; Fort Collins goes greener with new solar gardens, wind farm and more.