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New Year’s Resolution and Climate Action

Why climate action matters and especially at the beginning of this year

Global warming

What Should I Tell My Kids About Global Warming?

For many years there has been debate about whether or not climate change is actually happening. Is global warming a reality, and is it caused by humans?

organic meals, kids and food

First US School District to Serve Organic Meals

Also: Five foods that might disappear with minor climate changes.

Grow Food Locally, food production

Grow Food Locally Even During Winter

Also: Baking soda and climate change fight.

hottest year on record, global warming, climate change

2014-The Hottest Year on Record

Also: New York is now the biggest city banning Styrofoam.

beef farming , sustainable farming

Reducing Meat Consumption is Crucial to Climate Fight

Also: McDonald’s turns to Canada for sustainable beef.

e-highway, green transportation

Low-Impact Diet and Climate Change

Also: New e-highway in Los Angeles offers a silent and zero-emission drive.

green architecture, green city

Compost and Climate Change

Also: Unique new bike lane in Copenhagen.

antibiotics in food production

California’s Leader Calls for No Antibiotics in Food Production

Also: Detroit could be the next climate refuge center.

Algea building, green architecture

The Ultimate Green Building Powered by Algae

Also: Climate change and family planning.

seagrass, ecosystem, climate change

The Importance of Seagrass for Our Ecosystem

Also: Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere at a new record high.

green architecture, emergency home

Global Warming is Happening and Could Be Irreversible

Also: New modular emergency housing prototype.

design innovation, clean energy, green innovation

New Graphite Sponge Can Convert Sunlight into Steam

Also: Company General Mills joins climate change fight.

green architecture, Clark art institute, innovative design

Climate Change and Mental Health

Also: The newly renovated Clark Art Institute goes green.

climate change, trees and climate change

Carbohydrates and Climate Change

Also: Whole Foods and sustainable flowers.