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Nutrition of grains, climate change

Grains Are Becoming Less Nutritious

Also: New York kindergarten argues kids need to prepare for college.

Green architecture, organic architecture

The Future of Solar Panels

Also: Organic house by a Mexican architect Javier Senosiain; The latest United Nations report on climate change.

green architecture, sustainable burban design

Climate Change and Bad, Expensive Coffee

Also: Amount of Californians embracing green transportation doubled since 2000; High-rise apartment building resembles a giant tree.

off shore wind farm, clean energy, climate change

Pesticide Roundup Found in 75% of Tested Air And Rain Samples

Also: Using wastewater to solve water shortage problem; Offshore wind farms as hurricane barriers.

water vapor, climate change, alternative power sources

Power Derived from Humidity Could Be the Next Big Source

Also: California’s water crisis also threatens beer quality; The C40 climate leadership summit suggests solutions for future cities.

reuse of shopping bags, green innovations, plastic bags into fuel

Plastic Shopping Bags Into Diesel Fuel

Also: Old tires used in construction materials; Climate change is already hurting farmers.

New Solar-Wind Hybrid Comes to Life

Also: Old barn into stylish Alpine retreat; Higher education leads in actions against climate change.

green architecture, prefab homes

Modern Green Prefab Homes Go Mainstream

Also: D.C. sewage system to generate electricity; Fungi could help boost crops and slow global warming.

Styrofoam cups, sustainability

Styrofoam Use to be Banned in New York City

Also: Nike company switches to water-free and chemical-free technology; Norwegian army fights climate change with vegetarian diet.

clean energy, solar farms

NYC Landfill to Be Turned Into a Solar Park

Also: Climate change and shortage of Christmas trees; How hospitals are reducing energy consumption.

child prosthetics, Robohand

Boy Gets New Fingers With Help From a 3D Printer

Also: Del Monte Foods sets example for the next food evolution; Philippines urges UN to deliver emergency climate pathway.

Help the Children of Philippines

Help the Children of Philippines

Since we all contribute to climate changes of our Planet, we should all take an equal responsibility to deal with the consequences. Please help children affected by the recent disaster in Philippines.

food crisis

New Innovative Compostable Material Could Replace Plastic

Also: Science professor will teach out of a dumpster for one year; Climate change poses risk to future food supplies.

green architecture, innovative design

Green Architecture: Living Inspired by Sustainable Innovation

Also: Los Angeles might become the largest GMO-free zone; Do we really care about climate change?

green architecture, innovative design

Affordable Green Architecture: the Czech AIR House

Also: A year later, hurricane Sandy fuels grid innovation; 30 years left for World’s carbon budget to be used up.