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homemade games and toys

Homemade Games and Play Ideas

Avoid falling into the consumer toy trap. Here are a few ideas for inexpensive and eco-friendly homemade toys, games and other creative kid stuff.

egg decorations

Green Easter Crafts

Holidays–especially Easter–can be tricky when you’re raising your child to be environmentally conscious. Let’s get creative, support fair trade production and consume less this Easter!

Christmas tree decorations, Green holidays

Green Holiday Decorating Ideas

Deck the halls with holiday cards, decorations, gifts and party gear that will help create more memories and less waste.

homemade holiday gifts, innexpensive gifts

Homemade Holiday Gifts and Edible Decorations

Homemade–and edible–decorations and gifts make holiday gifting a win-win situation that will also set a great example for kids.

handmade toys for kids

DIY: Handmade and Wooden Toys

In today’s complex world, it’s better to keep it simple and as natural as possible when it comes to toys.