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Book Review and Giveaway: Carmin Cares

This simple and touching story of a little girl who makes a difference- all because she gets gum stuck on her shoe while playing in the park! Through lovable characters and easy to follow rhymes, this beautifully illustrated picture book sends a subtle yet important message about appreciating our world.

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Cooking with Kids: Honey Cookies Part 1

In the first episode of our new ©Messy Kitchen: Cooking with Kids series we’re making healthy honey cookies with our 2-year old mommy’s helper, Luca, who will be sharing them later at a picnic with his buddies.

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Book Review and Giveaway: The Earth and I

This story celebrates friendship that one child has with the Earth. They play together, listen to each other, and nourish each other. But when the Earth is sad, the child is sad–so he finds a way to make his friend, the Earth, happy.

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Creative Learning: Children’s Workyard and Play with Your Food

Why creative learning is so important to child development and some cool ways a NYC park is getting little hands and minds buzzing.