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styrofoam, waste

Mealworms Could Help Reduce Styrofoam Waste

Also: Prefabricated home with a vegetative roof.

edible water bottle, design innovation

An Edible Water Bottle

Also: The facts about Aspartame.

hemp house, green architecture

Hemp House Pulls CO2 From the Air

Also: Eight steps to more bike-friendly cities.

cohousing, green living, green architecture

Cohousing Project in Berlin Shows New Options

Also: NASA’s data confirms rapid water depletion in aquifers.

home energy storage, design innovation, clean energy

The New Home Energy Storage by Tesla

Also: Floating solar farm to produce 8,000 tons of vegetables.

green architecture, active house

California’s Drought and Water Conservation

Also: The Active House B10 produces twice the energy it needs.

design innovation, food waste

2014 Was the Best Year for Solar Energy

Also: The “green heart” helps reducing food waste.

green power, green cities, Burlington

First American City to Fully Run on Green Power

Also: Restaurant made from salt also cleans air.

green architecture, living breakwaters

Living Breakwaters on Staten Island

The project combines coastal resiliency infrastructure with habitat enhancement techniques and community engagement, deploying a layered strategy that links in-water protective forms to on-shore interventions.

green architecture, green city

Compost and Climate Change

Also: Unique new bike lane in Copenhagen.

recycled phone booth, solar station

Unused London Phone Booths Turned Into Free Solar Charging Stations

Also: Beijing encourages recycling with free service exchange.

Algea building, green architecture

The Ultimate Green Building Powered by Algae

Also: Climate change and family planning.

bikes for kids, no training wheels needed, design innovation, green parenting

New Fun Bike for Kids Without Training Wheels

Also: Interesting parenting habits around the globe.

design innovation, clean energy, green innovation

New Graphite Sponge Can Convert Sunlight into Steam

Also: Company General Mills joins climate change fight.

Solar Impulse, solar powered plane

A Plane Powered by Sun

Also: A private green island built from plastic bottles.