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urban electrical bike, design innovation, green travel

New American Healthy Housing Standards

Also: New folding electrical bike offers everything urban commuters might need.

Humanitarian Architecture

A Different Kind of Humanitarian Architecture

Also: A new building structure made from self-growing mushrooms.

portable solar charger, SunJack

Your Solar Charger on-the-Go

Also: Ocean health is a major concern.

Warka Water Towers Could Make Drinking Water From Thin Air

Also: Project “Akon Lighting Africa” takes off; IKEA’s biggest clean energy investment.

health news, design innovation

Autism Might Be Connected to Faulty Prenatal Brain Growth

Also: Latest findings about saturated fat and heart disease; New wearable device to monitor human health 24/7.

green products, green transport

Some Common Plastics are not Safe

Also: Use of fluoride and its safety levels; URB-E: the new electric scooter for city dwellers.

green design, design innovation

Snack Food Waste Recycled into Biogas and Fertilizer

Also: New and sustainable office design “Pop-up office”; First four countries that forced fast food chain McDonald’s out.