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Fight Diabetes the Natural Way

Type 2 diabetes is actually reversible especially when detected early on, and can be easily controlled through natural means. All you need is a few lifestyle-get inspired!

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Particulate Air Pollution Increases Autism Risk

Also: Blood group O at lowest risk of type 2 diabetes.

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High Animal Protein Consumption Linked to Type 2 Diabetes

Also: Many foods labeled as “natural” in the U.S. contain GMOs.

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Dairy Milk Alternatives And Their Health Benefits

Also: Canola oil for type 2 diabetes and bad cholesterol.

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Air Pollution Linked to Autism and Diabetes in Children

New research studies provide more evidence that chemical exposures early in development can significantly increase our risks for serious chronic diseases later in life.

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New Eye Scan Can Detect Diabetes

Also: Fish oil could increase your brain size; Benefits of workout during pregnancy.