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2014 Was the Best Year for Solar Energy

Also: The “green heart” helps reducing food waste.

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Nine Technologies Promising to Clean Up Our Environment

Also: The new countertop food composter takes care of any food waste; Cities and wildlife.

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Snack Food Waste Recycled into Biogas and Fertilizer

Also: New and sustainable office design “Pop-up office”; First four countries that forced fast food chain McDonald’s out.

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Food Expiration Dates Lead to Unnecessary Waste, Real and Fictional Benefits of Garlic, Obesity Linked to Increased Migraines

Based on new report food expiration dates lead to unnecessary food waste; real and fictional health and medicinal benefits of garlic explained; new study suggests obesity doubles chances of episodic migraines.

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Greener Plastics Made from Greenhouse Gases, Food Waste as Massive Contributor to Carbon Footprint, Ten Toxic Products We Should Avoid

Greener plastics are now also made using greenhouse gases, food waste became a massive contributor to global carbon footprint, top ten toxic products we use daily that we should avoid and replace with natural alternatives and why.

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Architecture Adapting to Climate Change, the Safest Car of All Time, Massachusetts Is the First State Banning Commercial Food Waste

Architecture adapting to increasing floods and rising seas, Tesla Model S: the safest car of all time, Massachusetts became the first state banning commercial food waste

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Old Color Markers Can Be Turned into Fuel, Food Waste Converted into Energy, Potatoes for Biodegradable Packaging

Old or unused color markers can now be turned into fuel, food waste from grocery stores can be converted into energy, starch from waste potatoes might be used for biodegradable packaging of personal care products.

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Teach Your Kids Not To Waste Food

Wasting food is a global problem: Edible food gets thrown out while millions go hungry. Teach your kids how they can help reverse this unfortunate trend.