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GMO’s, Science And European Politics

Also: Bread and possible cancer-causing additive.

apples, GMO, genetically modifed apples

Genetically Modified Apples Now Approved in the US

Also: No more artificial colors and flavors in US Nestle products.

GMO labeling, natural products, breakfast cereal

High Animal Protein Consumption Linked to Type 2 Diabetes

Also: Many foods labeled as “natural” in the U.S. contain GMOs.

sustainable coffee, sustainable foods

Five Unsustainable Foods to Avoid

Also: Alarming facts about medicines produced in India; First case of organic farmer against Monsanto’s GMO seeds.

green architecture, innovative design

Green Architecture: Living Inspired by Sustainable Innovation

Also: Los Angeles might become the largest GMO-free zone; Do we really care about climate change?

why is color variety important

What You Should Know About GMOs

An important part of the controversy surrounding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is our right to know when–and why–we’re consuming them.