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hemp house, green architecture

Hemp House Pulls CO2 From the Air

Also: Eight steps to more bike-friendly cities.

green citiies, bicycling city

The Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities

Also: Cancer risk from toxic contaminants tripled in California.

baby wipes

Baby Wipes Don’t Belong to Toilet

Also: San Francisco is the first city to ban sale of plastic bottles.

green power, green cities, Burlington

First American City to Fully Run on Green Power

Also: Restaurant made from salt also cleans air.

hottest year on record, global warming, climate change

2014-The Hottest Year on Record

Also: New York is now the biggest city banning Styrofoam.

zero waste packaging, mushroom packaging

Mushrooms Could be Key to Zero Waste Packaging

Also: Paris plans to ban cars from its city center.

antibiotics in food production

California’s Leader Calls for No Antibiotics in Food Production

Also: Detroit could be the next climate refuge center.

green transportation

A New European Green Program for Commuters

Also: The 2014 guide to water and beach pollution.

green products, food recycler

Nine Technologies Promising to Clean Up Our Environment

Also: The new countertop food composter takes care of any food waste; Cities and wildlife.

Green urban oasis

From Hong Kong With Love (Part 2): A Green Oasis in the Concrete Jungle

How to turn a sketchy and dull-looking public space into a green and welcoming urban green oasis.

green architecture

New Sustainable Textile Is on Horizon

Also: Idaho architect’s tiny dream house; Fort Collins goes greener with new solar gardens, wind farm and more.

green cities

Thursday News: Bird-Friendly Building Design, Seaweed Is Back As Building Material, Top Green Cities

Bird-friendly building design is now mandatory in many US cities, seaweed is back as building material in Denmark offering great sustainable qualities, top six green cities around the world and their race to reduce carbon footprint