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Green Easter Decorations And Healthy Treats

These simple Easter craft, decorating and gift ideas require little or no expense and very little time.

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Green Easter Crafts

Holidays–especially Easter–can be tricky when you’re raising your child to be environmentally conscious. Let’s get creative, support fair trade production and consume less this Easter!

egg decorations

European Egg Decorations

Egg decorations and coloring have been a significant part of the European Easter celebrations since as early as the 13th century.

Navidad Verde

Muchos anticipamos la época de navidad. Aquí le presentaremos consejos útiles para que en estas navidades pueda tener una navidad eco verde.

Christmas tree decorations, Green holidays

Green Holiday Decorating Ideas

Deck the halls with holiday cards, decorations, gifts and party gear that will help create more memories and less waste.

homemade holiday gifts, innexpensive gifts

Homemade Holiday Gifts and Edible Decorations

Homemade–and edible–decorations and gifts make holiday gifting a win-win situation that will also set a great example for kids.

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Make Your Black Friday Greener

If you’re hitting the stores after Turkey Day, make your shopping expedition part of the solution rather than adding to the pollution!