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floatovoltaics, clean energy

Floatovoltaics and Their Role in Clean Energy

Also: A public call for new and innovative green ideas.

design innovation, clean energy, green innovation

New Graphite Sponge Can Convert Sunlight into Steam

Also: Company General Mills joins climate change fight.

ocean pollution, mercury and oceans

Mercury Levels Have Tripled in Ocean Waters

Also: Carbon dioxide into a useful fuel source.

water vapor, climate change, alternative power sources

Power Derived from Humidity Could Be the Next Big Source

Also: California’s water crisis also threatens beer quality; The C40 climate leadership summit suggests solutions for future cities.

reuse of shopping bags, green innovations, plastic bags into fuel

Plastic Shopping Bags Into Diesel Fuel

Also: Old tires used in construction materials; Climate change is already hurting farmers.

New Solar-Wind Hybrid Comes to Life

Also: Old barn into stylish Alpine retreat; Higher education leads in actions against climate change.

green stores, sustainable business

Whole Foods Becomes Role Model in Energy Efficiency

Also: Newly found chemical compounds pose danger to health; Clean energy from cow gas.

solar energy innovations

Green Chemistry Law in California

Also: Scientists learn from photosynthesis how to harvest more solar energy; Dangerous hormone disruptors can regenerate at night like zombies.

food waste problem, carbon footprint

Greener Plastics Made from Greenhouse Gases, Food Waste as Massive Contributor to Carbon Footprint, Ten Toxic Products We Should Avoid

Greener plastics are now also made using greenhouse gases, food waste became a massive contributor to global carbon footprint, top ten toxic products we use daily that we should avoid and replace with natural alternatives and why.