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Green Products and the Honest Company

The Honest Company has recently been criticized that some of their green products are not as clean as they claim.

bikes for kids, no training wheels needed, design innovation, green parenting

New Fun Bike for Kids Without Training Wheels

Also: Interesting parenting habits around the globe.

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New American Healthy Housing Standards

Also: New folding electrical bike offers everything urban commuters might need.

portable solar charger, SunJack

Your Solar Charger on-the-Go

Also: Ocean health is a major concern.

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Milk Consumption Might Relieve Arthritis Pain

Also: A new pill might soon prevent the flu virus; Fun Donkey products for kids and Easter.

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Pregnant Women Consuming Nuts Lower Their Kids Chances for Allergies

Also: Anti-anxiety and sleeping pills linked to higher mortality; Smart self-filtering water bottle and a flashlight in one.

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Nutrition for Good Mental Health

Also: The Diva Cup for modern green moms; Wearable migraine-relief device.

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Nine Technologies Promising to Clean Up Our Environment

Also: The new countertop food composter takes care of any food waste; Cities and wildlife.

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Some Common Plastics are not Safe

Also: Use of fluoride and its safety levels; URB-E: the new electric scooter for city dwellers.

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A New Lightbulb Powered by Bioluminescence, Satellites Helping with Water Management, New Carpet Generating Energy

A new lightbulb is powered by bioluminescent organisms, remote satellites are already helping with water management on Earth, new carpet tiles can convert the kinetic energy of each footstep into power.

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New Shower Head Design Promotes Water Conservation, How Feasible Are Smart Building Technologies, Carbon Dioxide Used as a Refrigerant

Water savings with this new shower head technology, 10 myths about smart building technologies debunked, new cooling technology uses carbon dioxide as a refrigerant instead producing CO2 as a pollutant.

stroller options for urban parents

Latest Measles Outbreak in Texas, Child Hunger on the Rise, the Ultimate Urban Baby Stroller Hybrid

Latest measles outbreak in Texas church community, child hunger is on the rise in the U.S., the ultimate baby stroller hybrid for urban parents by Quinny

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Book Review: Dance to the Beat of Sage’s Song!

Sage’s Song by Karen Kilpatrick will enchant toddlers and parents alike. This cute story allows children to embrace the wonders of sound, whether they are made by them or the world they live in.

healthy baby products

Natural Is Best for Baby’s Bath

Guest blogger Ashley Knight (Knights of the Green Table) shares her thoughts on the importance of an all-natural bath time–especially during baby’s first months.

Healthier Gardening and a Greener Driveway

We’ve unearthed some yard and garden ideas that are easy on the eyes and the environment.