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Alternative building materials, building materials, green architecture, innovation

The Future of Construction with Innovative Building Materials

Also: Seven cities working to become car-less.

hemp house, green architecture

Hemp House Pulls CO2 From the Air

Also: Eight steps to more bike-friendly cities.

zero waste packaging, mushroom packaging

Mushrooms Could be Key to Zero Waste Packaging

Also: Paris plans to ban cars from its city center.

bicycling infrastructure, bike path

Bicycling will Increase with Good Infrastructure

Also: Possibly the greenest solar farm ever.

e-highway, green transportation

Low-Impact Diet and Climate Change

Also: New e-highway in Los Angeles offers a silent and zero-emission drive.

green architecture, green city

Compost and Climate Change

Also: Unique new bike lane in Copenhagen.

nitrogen oxide reducer, roof tile

Bicycling is Win Win for All

Also: New smog-eating roofing tiles developed by students.

green transportation

A New European Green Program for Commuters

Also: The 2014 guide to water and beach pollution.