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heatstroke prevention

National Heatstroke Prevention Day

Also: Obesity fight in NYC goes to another level, the best baby and toddler slings, carriers and backpacks voted by parents.

food allergies, peanut butter benefits, breast cancer prevention

Food Allergies Linked to Hyperactive Immune System at Birth

Also: The Zika virus and what you should know about it.

brain cells

Yes, New Brain Cells Can Be Regrown

Also: Tinnitus linked to chronic pain.

salmonella, food safety kids health, cucumbers

Outbreak Alert: Salmonella Poona Infections Linked to Imported Cucumbers

CDC warns about possible Salmonella Poona infections caused by imported cucumbers.

new blood test, health news

New Blood Test Can Identify Past Exposures to Infections

Also: Parental age and child’s autism risk.

synthetic vitamins, vitamin D

High Levels of Vitamin D Could be Dangerous

Also: Parents should take away their smart phones and get their kids outdoors.

Daily Bath, child bath

Why Your Child Doesn’t Need a Daily Bath

Also: Autism genes linked to higher intelligence.

breastfeeding baby, breastfeeding benefits

Breastfeeding Linked to Higher Intelligence

Also: How to manage food allergies.

air pollution, autism

Particulate Air Pollution Increases Autism Risk

Also: Blood group O at lowest risk of type 2 diabetes.

whooping cough, Pertussis bacteria, child immunizations

Whooping Cough Outbreak is Back

Also: Dropping birthrate creates economic concerns.

antibiotics, resistance to antibiotics

The Facts About an Increasing Resistance to Antibiotics

The latest data on antibiotics resistance threats in the United States outlines facts that are important to be aware as well as ways of prevention.

autism, kids and playgrounds

Little Bit of Oxidants Can Actually Be Healthy

Also: Playgrounds can help autistic kids socialize.

Alcohol consumption, light drinking

Light Drinking is Less Healthy Than Previously Claimed

Also: Some kids manage to beat their Autism.


The Use of Antiviral and Antibiotic Medications

Also: Hot weather might be contributing to obesity.

dairy alternatives, milk alternatives

Dairy Milk Alternatives And Their Health Benefits

Also: Canola oil for type 2 diabetes and bad cholesterol.