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Superfoods for Super Moms!

How do you make smart nutritional choices while budgeting both time and money? Superfoods might be your answer-they are convenient, can be found everywhere, and are easy to prepare.

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Playtime Improves Child’s Brain Development

Also: Ten cheapest health foods out there.

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Certain Baby Cries Can Be Announcing Serious Disease or Disorder

Also: Red meat consumption changes gut bacteria; Increasing cancer rates linked to unhealthy lifestyle.

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Should We Bribe Kids into Eating Fruits and Veggies?

According to a new study, it pays to pay students to eat fruits and vegetables. Actually, it’s less expensive and has better results than simply adding fruits or vegetables to their lunches.

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Are Your Kids Eating Enough Fruit and Veggies?

Learn how many servings of fruit and vegetables your children need for a healthy and balanced diet and see our tips on how to get kids to eat them.