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Storytelling Helps Young Minds Grow

Whether you use your hands, props or just your own creativity, storytelling is a great way to bond with your kids and get their imagination going.

avocado dish, tropical dish, avocado

Tropical Avocado Dish with Chicken and Sweet Plantains

This dish was inspired by the traditional Puertorican jibaro meal and combined with other tropical flavors-sweet plantains and avocados.

Back to school tips for busy moms

Back-to-School Tips for Busy Moms

Re-entering the back-to-school routine can catch us off guard. Here are some tips to ease the transition.

Luca’s First Birthday Chocolate Cake

Listen to your chocolate cravings; Everyone’s favorite flavor is actually good for you!

baby dental care

Baby Dental Care

Baby teeth may be tiny, but they’re very important. Make sure baby’s teeth are getting the right care from the start.

Kids and Books

Kids and Books: A Winning Combination

Story Hour founder Annie Turri talks about the importance of introducing books and storytelling to children at an early age instead of relying on media and technology to keep them entertained.

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Halloween Giveaway with Kidstir

A good way to get kids inspired to avoid overindulging, is to get them involved in preparing few healthy and fun snacks themselves. Our Halloween Giveaway with Kidstir can make it easier.

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Sunscreen Primer: Get the Facts Before You Hit the Beach

Find out which sunscreens offer the best, safest protection for you and your kids.

Homemade baby food 101

Homemade Baby Food 101

Making your own baby food will save you time and money in the long run; most importantly, you get to choose the ingredients.

kids and books

Book ‘Em: Encouraging Your Child to Read

Why kids need to read and how to get them started early.

Tropical avocado dish

Aguacate Tropical con Pollo y Plátano

Este plato fue inspirado por la comida tradicional puertorriqueña ‘jíbara’ y combinada con varios sabores tropicales, como aguacates y plátanos maduros.

healthy eating habits

Your Kids, Your Fridge and Healthy Eating Habits

Stocking your shelves and arranging your fridge can be important steps toward making sure your kids are developing healthy eating habits.

healthy smoothies

Chillin’ Out: Kids and Smoothies

Icy smoothies are a great way to get your kids to eat the fruit and veggies they need–just watch out for the dreaded BRAIN FREEZE!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year ABC Song

All of us at Living Green with Baby wish you a happy and healthy new year filled with many positive baby steps!

Keep your home lead-free

Lead Poisoning Is Preventable: Keep Your Home and Your Kids Lead-Free

Although it is totally preventable, thousands of children are affected by lead poisoning each year. A few simple precautions can protect your home and your family.