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heatstroke prevention

National Heatstroke Prevention Day

Also: Obesity fight in NYC goes to another level, the best baby and toddler slings, carriers and backpacks voted by parents.

child immunization

Why Parents Should Stick to the Childhood Vaccines Schedule

Vaccinating your child is an important step in keeping her healthy, despite some controversy on how many, how much and how often such vaccines should be given.

farm-raised salmon

Why to Avoid Farm-Raised Salmon

Also: Quality time with your kids over quantity.

Graco stroller recall, baby stroller recall

Graco Recalls Eleven Stroller Models

Also: Disciplining children and time-outs.

child education, school performance

Mother’s Age Linked to Child’s School Performance

Also: Mission to bring quality child education worldwide.

women and hearing

Women Eating More Fish Might Save Their Hearing

Also: Sole focus on physical activity could be ruining kids’ playtime.

baby sleep, healthy sleep

How to Keep Baby Sleeping Through the Night

There are several reasons why your baby might be waking up at night, here are the top five.