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homemade Flatbread, whole wheat flat bread

Homemade Whole Wheat Flat Bread with Rosemary

This whole wheat flat bread is the first result of my desire to make my own healthy bread without any sugar that the kids will enjoy too.

healthy school lunches, kid's diet

Safe Home Remedies For Your Child’s Cough

Also: Children in eight US states will soon enjoy healthier school lunches from local sources.

educational toys, kids with autism, kids with dissabilities

Educational Toys for Kids with Disabilities

Also: Most California parents support healthy school meals.

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No More Brominated Vegetable Oil in All Coca Cola Drinks

Also: USDA allows schools to delay whole grain foods requirement.

rice grain, rice and toxicity

Brown Rice and Toxicity

Also: School bans on chocolate milk led to milk consumption drop.

healthy school lunch, fruits and veggies

Should We Bribe Kids into Eating Fruits and Veggies?

According to a new study, it pays to pay students to eat fruits and vegetables. Actually, it’s less expensive and has better results than simply adding fruits or vegetables to their lunches.

food allergies, peanut butter benefits, breast cancer prevention

Is Vegetarian School Menu a Solution to Pink Slime and Child Obesity?

Also: Why girls’ education in Africa matters; Healthy snacks can reduce future risk of breast cancer.

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Free School Lunches for All Kids, Chinese Chicken Meat on American Market, Harvesting Fall Squash

Free school lunches program expands, Chinese chicken meat will soon enter the American market, learn about harvesting squash this fall from the experts.