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Alternative building materials, building materials, green architecture, innovation

The Future of Construction with Innovative Building Materials

Also: Seven cities working to become car-less.

zero waste packaging, mushroom packaging

Mushrooms Could be Key to Zero Waste Packaging

Also: Paris plans to ban cars from its city center.

nitrogen oxide reducer, roof tile

Bicycling is Win Win for All

Also: New smog-eating roofing tiles developed by students.

fighting mosquitoes, natural remedy

New Ways of Fighting Mosquitoes

Also: A portable green living cell designed by students.

green products, food recycler

Nine Technologies Promising to Clean Up Our Environment

Also: The new countertop food composter takes care of any food waste; Cities and wildlife.

urban farming, green architecture

Urban Farming in Form of a Dragonfly

The Dragonfly is a fully sustainable, vertical, urban farm with 132 floors of organic gardens offering a large variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers.

modern tree houses, green architecture, green design

Spain Leads in Global Wind Energy

Also: Algae could be the next big power source; Modern tree house inspired by the golden spiral.

sustainable student housing, green architecture

Toxic E-waste Floods Poor Countries

Also: Swedish architects design stylish, sustainable and affordable housing for students; New bike will purify the air while you ride.

green architecture, innovative design

Affordable Green Architecture: the Czech AIR House

Also: A year later, hurricane Sandy fuels grid innovation; 30 years left for World’s carbon budget to be used up.