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Superfoods for Super Moms!

How do you make smart nutritional choices while budgeting both time and money? Superfoods might be your answer-they are convenient, can be found everywhere, and are easy to prepare.

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Introducing New and Healthy Foods Into Kids’ Diet

Many parents worry about what their kids are eating; but it doesn’t need to be a challenge to introduce new, healthy foods if you make it fun.

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Homemade Whole Wheat Flat Bread with Rosemary

This whole wheat flat bread is the first result of my desire to make my own healthy bread without any sugar that the kids will enjoy too.

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Innovative Therapy Can Helps Babies with Autism Risk

Also: Kids will consume more veggies after play.

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Educational Toys for Kids with Disabilities

Also: Most California parents support healthy school meals.

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Isla Pops: New Green Business on a Green Island

Isla Pops is a new green company based in Puerto Rico, with a mission to keep kids on a healthy diet while being cooled off and entertained with their all natural fruit pops.

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Coffee as Possible Protection Against Tinnitus

Also: Peanut and almond butter recalled for a possible salmonella risk.

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Playtime Improves Child’s Brain Development

Also: Ten cheapest health foods out there.

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Kids’ Menu at Fast Food Restaurants

Also: Big companies helping coffee growers.

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No More Brominated Vegetable Oil in All Coca Cola Drinks

Also: USDA allows schools to delay whole grain foods requirement.

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American Breakfast Cereals for Children Contain Too Much Sugar

Also: Red wine antioxidant found to have few health benefits.

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Brown Rice and Toxicity

Also: School bans on chocolate milk led to milk consumption drop.

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Are Your Kids Eating Enough Fruit and Veggies?

Learn how many servings of fruit and vegetables your children need for a healthy and balanced diet and see our tips on how to get kids to eat them.