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Mediterranean Diet, heart health, healthy diet

Mediterranean Diet Associated with Better Cardiovascular Health

Also: Honest Company sued again, now over organic infant formula.

food safety, food additives

GMO’s, Science And European Politics

Also: Bread and possible cancer-causing additive.

health benefits of coffee,

Teenage Scientist Found a Way to Stop Allergies

Also: Nespresso helps reviving coffee production in South Sudan.

Farming Kinder, kids and food, kindergarden

Kids With Less Structured Activities Perform Better

Also: Experimental kindergarten in Vietnam engages kids in food cultivation.

edible water bottle, design innovation

An Edible Water Bottle

Also: The facts about Aspartame.

natural remedy for healthy skin, juicing benefits

Juicing For a Healthier Skin, Hair and Nails

Also: Increasing influence of teacher home visits; No more formaldehyde in baby products.

antinutrients, lentils

What We Should Know About Antinutrients

Also: Top twelve universities serving locally-grown food.

farm-raised salmon

Why to Avoid Farm-Raised Salmon

Also: Quality time with your kids over quantity.

olive oil, nutrition news

The Latest Facts About Olive Oil

Also: Some brands of bottled water recalled due to E. Coli.

Peanut Allergy Linked to Children’s Asthma

Also: Should children learn through play?

beets, anti-inflamatory foods, natural remedy

Twelve Natural Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Also: Fish and seafood to avoid for environmental or health concerns.

organic milk

Organic Milk and Long-Life Milk Linked to Children’s Lower IQ

Also: Toxic weed killer found in breast milk and infant formula.

gmo-free chocolate

Hershey’s Chocolate Soon to Be GMO-Free

Also: Be aware of more ticks and early this year.

synthetic vitamins, vitamin D

High Levels of Vitamin D Could be Dangerous

Also: Parents should take away their smart phones and get their kids outdoors.

grass-fed butter, butter, the healthiest fats

Grass-Fed Butter Is One of the Healthiest Fats

Also: Traditional discipline vs. restorative justice in schools.