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How Surrogacy Changed My Life

Just as different stories bring intended parents to the decision that surrogacy is their path to having children, surrogates enter the journey with their own backgrounds, experiences, and personal connections to pregnancy and fertility.

surrogacy, baby, parenting, pregnancy

The Surrogacy Alternative

For couples or single parents who can’t have children naturally, surrogacy is one option that is becoming increasingly more common.

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Parents Base Child’s Happiness on Their own Feelings

Also: High-risk areas for Lyme disease are expanding.

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Why Your Child Doesn’t Need a Daily Bath

Also: Autism genes linked to higher intelligence.

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Mother’s Age Linked to Child’s School Performance

Also: Mission to bring quality child education worldwide.

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Americans Find Parenting More Exhausting than Their Jobs

Also: In Missouri you could get arrested for breastfeeding in court; Using peanut butter to measure risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Your Kids, Your Fridge and Healthy Eating Habits

Stocking your shelves and arranging your fridge can be important steps toward making sure your kids are developing healthy eating habits.