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The Zika Virus And Pregnancy

If you are planning on becoming pregnant in the next 6 months or are already pregnant, see our checklist how to protect yourself from the Zika virus.

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The Surrogacy Alternative

For couples or single parents who can’t have children naturally, surrogacy is one option that is becoming increasingly more common.

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Depression During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Being pregnant for 9 months, and subsequently caring for a newborn, definitely takes its toll on a woman’s body and her mental health.

guide to healthy pregnancy

Great Expectations: Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

Our healthy pregnancy checklist can help you eat right and stay active and well-rested (and sane!) while you’re expecting.

Hormonal Imbalance During Pregnancy Linked to Autism

Also: ADHD rose 43 percent during the past decade in the United States.

Pregnancy After 40: Understanding the Risks

Understanding the risks that come with pregnancy after 40 is essential not only for the mom-to-be but her baby as well.

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Pesticide Exposure Increases Risk of Autism

Also: Natural remedies for some seasonal allergies.

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Air Pollution Linked to Autism and Diabetes in Children

New research studies provide more evidence that chemical exposures early in development can significantly increase our risks for serious chronic diseases later in life.

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Enhance Your Fertility Naturally with Healthy Foods

Dr.Maoshing Ni presents 5 important foods as part of a healthy diet and explains the great benefits they offer for woman’s fertility.

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More Women Are Choosing Not to Breastfeed, New Breast Cancer Test Can Save Thousands From Chemo, First Pregnancy Seat Belt

More women are now choosing not to breastfeed; new breast cancer test can save thousands of women from unnecessary chemotherapy; meet the first ever pregnancy seat/bump belt from Pixie.