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Ten simple ways busy moms can go green

Ten Simple Ways Busy Moms Can Go Green

These simple “go green” tips won’t cost a thing–except maybe a little time and effort–but the results are worth it.

From Hong Kong with Love: Sustainable Fashion Today (Part One)

Find out what clothing manufacturers can do to end waste and keep the fashion business green.

The Daily Grind: 11 Uses for Recycled Coffee Grounds

The average American consumes about three cups of coffee a day–recycling your coffee grounds can lessen the load on the environment in some surprisingly useful ways.

Christmas tree decorations, Green holidays

Green Holiday Decorating Ideas

Deck the halls with holiday cards, decorations, gifts and party gear that will help create more memories and less waste.

Recycle Idea: Build a New Desk from Old Closet Doors

Old doors go horizontal as a sleek, modern workspace.

Recycling News: Which States Excel at Waste Management

Recycling News: Old Shoes, Cast-Off Gadgets, Turning Trash into Energy

Items you may not know you can recycle; new state laws require electronics companies to recycle the items they sell; CT leads US states in waste-to-energy conversion.