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Fun Recycling Project for Green Kids

Use this recycling project to hone your child’s sewing skills and clean up their art supplies!


3 Reasons to Get Your Family Involved in Recycling

Recycling is not only very beneficial and crucial for our lives, it can also be a very creative activity and a lots of fun for the whole family.

Kids and recycling

Teach Your Kids to Recycle

When you teach your kids to recycle, you’re giving them knowledge that will last them a lifetime.

shipping containers, green architecture

Skyscrapers Made of Shipping Containers

Also: California to Label Monsanto’s Roundup as a carcinogen.

drinking water

How Safe Is Your Drinking Water?

Also: Turning E-waste into revenue.

Sustainable garden, Sustainable home

Power House: Six Tips for a More Sustainable Home

These simple tips can help you make your home more sustainable and healthier for your family.

plastic waste, ocean health

How Much Plastic Waste Ends up in Oceans

Also: How Pepsi Co. rethinks recycling.

green architecture, Bullitt Center

The Most Efficient Building in the World

Also: Old laptop batteries could be providing power in the developing world.

recycled phone booth, solar station

Unused London Phone Booths Turned Into Free Solar Charging Stations

Also: Beijing encourages recycling with free service exchange.

green architecture, recycled architecture

California to be the First State to Ban Plastic Bags

Also: Unused church recycled a into public library.

hemp, green energy, clean energy, green ambitions

Hemp Waste into New Energy Storage

Also: The world’s biggest companies are investing in recycling.

green architecture, affordable living

New Greener and Safer Alternative to BPA from Paper-making Waste

Also: A dream mini-home for just $9,000; E-waste brings new business opportunities to the developing world.

reuse of shopping bags, green innovations, plastic bags into fuel

Plastic Shopping Bags Into Diesel Fuel

Also: Old tires used in construction materials; Climate change is already hurting farmers.

green tips, sustainability

Green Up Your Child’s Birthday Party

Guest blogger Ashley Knight shares her simple and fun ideas for throwing a kids’ party without creating a big garbage pile.

green design, design innovation

Snack Food Waste Recycled into Biogas and Fertilizer

Also: New and sustainable office design “Pop-up office”; First four countries that forced fast food chain McDonald’s out.