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No More Brominated Vegetable Oil in All Coca Cola Drinks

Also: USDA allows schools to delay whole grain foods requirement.

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Gardens Are Transforming American Schools

Also: Diet soda is not a good replacement for a regular one when it comes to teeth; Electric school buses are a win-win choice.

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Get Enough Vitamin D Naturally, Commercial Fruit Smoothies As Bad As Soda, Lego’s New Minifigures Focus on Girls

Instead of taking vitamin supplements we can obtain enough vitamin D naturally, commercial fruit smoothies as bad as soda, Lego’s new toy focuses on girls.

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NYC Soda Ban: Will Banning Junk Food Change Our Bad Habits?

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg announced his intent to ban sales of super-sized sugary sodas; the debate continues on how to best change society’s big, bad habits.

sugary drink risk

Love Your Soda Drinks? Consider Your Health

More reasons to limit soda intake for kids, and some healthier alternatives.