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Clean Energy: Savings For Apartment Dwellers

Our Clean Energy series feature professional advice on energy efficiency and alternative sources that anyone can implement right now to save both energy and money.

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2014 Was the Best Year for Solar Energy

Also: The “green heart” helps reducing food waste.

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Things to Consider Before You Go Solar

There are certain variables and considerations to take into account before investing in a power source that can be just as expensive as it’s friendly to the environment.

bicycling infrastructure, bike path

Bicycling will Increase with Good Infrastructure

Also: Possibly the greenest solar farm ever.

clean energy

Clean Energy: Savings for Homeowners (Part Two)

Our third video in the Clean Energy series continues the discussion on energy savings and introduces current renewable energy options for homeowners.

Warka Water Towers Could Make Drinking Water From Thin Air

Also: Project “Akon Lighting Africa” takes off; IKEA’s biggest clean energy investment.

alternative energy source

Las Alternativas de Energía Renovable

A continuación presentamos la primera parte de una entrevista en torno a alternativas de energía renovable. Nuestro invitado es Máximo Torres quien es un experimentado consultor de energía removable con más de veinte años de experiencia en energía renovable y diseñador de productos integrados y gabinetes para aplicaciones fotovoltaicas.

New Solar-Wind Hybrid Comes to Life

Also: Old barn into stylish Alpine retreat; Higher education leads in actions against climate change.

solar energy innovations

Green Chemistry Law in California

Also: Scientists learn from photosynthesis how to harvest more solar energy; Dangerous hormone disruptors can regenerate at night like zombies.

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New Solar Building Turns with the Sun, Spray Polyurethane Foam a Health Hazard, Walmart Plans to Remove Toxins from Its Shelves

New solar building is designed to move its parts as the sun moves during the day, spray polyurethane foam causes serious health problems, Walmart plans to remove toxins from Its shelves.