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Green Products and the Honest Company

The Honest Company has recently been criticized that some of their green products are not as clean as they claim.

shipping containers, green architecture

Skyscrapers Made of Shipping Containers

Also: California to Label Monsanto’s Roundup as a carcinogen.

Toxic Chemicals in Our Daily Products

See what chemicals in our daily personal products pose a potential danger to our health.

organic milk

Organic Milk and Long-Life Milk Linked to Children’s Lower IQ

Also: Toxic weed killer found in breast milk and infant formula.

sustainable student housing, green architecture

Toxic E-waste Floods Poor Countries

Also: Swedish architects design stylish, sustainable and affordable housing for students; New bike will purify the air while you ride.

food crisis

New Innovative Compostable Material Could Replace Plastic

Also: Science professor will teach out of a dumpster for one year; Climate change poses risk to future food supplies.