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Why Parents Should Stick to the Childhood Vaccines Schedule

Vaccinating your child is an important step in keeping her healthy, despite some controversy on how many, how much and how often such vaccines should be given.

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A Parents’ Guide to Children’s Vaccinations

In this comprehensive guide we provide important facts and pointers on what parents should look for when deciding on whether or not to vaccinate your child.

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Glyphosate and Childhood Vaccines

Also: Zika virus and the Guillain–Barré Syndrome.

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Nine Facts Every Parent Should Know About Measles

Although measles are easily preventable, the virus is still one of the most infectious diseases known to humanity, even more infectious than ebola.

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Measles Vaccine and Cancer Treatment

Also: Bees venom and cancer fight.

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New Measles Outbreak

Also: New Food Theme park to Open in Italy; How dangerous is telling a little lie to your child.

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Alcohol And Men’s Brain Health

Also: Protect your family from radon; Combination of children’s vaccines may increase the risk of fever.

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American Children Now Have a Civil Right to Play, Universal Flu Vaccine in the Works, Same Food Labels Have Different Additives in the US and the UK

Children now have a civil right to play, Universal flu vaccine is in the works, Same food labels contain different additives in the US and the UK.

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Special Medical Glasses Can Cure Colorblindness, Family Medicine Attracts More US Medical School Students, No Child Benefits for Parents who Don’t Immunize

Special medical glasses can cure certain types of colorblindness or at least improve it, family medicine is attracting more American medical school students, no child benefits for parents who don’t immunize in Australia

sugar and cancer

Sugary Snacks and Cancer, Disease-Fighting Foods, BPA-Free Plastic Tritan Questioned

Latest research suggests link between sugary snacks and cancer, foods created and marketed specifically to prevent and fight diseases are the “new front line”, BPA-Free plastic Tritan questioned for safety, CDC warns cancer prevention should start in childhood