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Teach kids water conservation

Teach Your Kids about Water Conservation

World Water and Earth Week offer a great opportunity to teach your kids about water conservation from early on with a few simple tips that will help them appreciate it.

Sustainable garden, Sustainable home

Power House: Six Tips for a More Sustainable Home

These simple tips can help you make your home more sustainable and healthier for your family.

green architecture, active house

California’s Drought and Water Conservation

Also: The Active House B10 produces twice the energy it needs.

Desolenator, solar desalination

Portable Solar Desalination Device for Affordable Water

Also: Reduce your water footprint with simple tips.

green architecture, Clark art institute, innovative design

Climate Change and Mental Health

Also: The newly renovated Clark Art Institute goes green.

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A New Lightbulb Powered by Bioluminescence, Satellites Helping with Water Management, New Carpet Generating Energy

A new lightbulb is powered by bioluminescent organisms, remote satellites are already helping with water management on Earth, new carpet tiles can convert the kinetic energy of each footstep into power.

water conservation, innovative design

New Shower Head Design Promotes Water Conservation, How Feasible Are Smart Building Technologies, Carbon Dioxide Used as a Refrigerant

Water savings with this new shower head technology, 10 myths about smart building technologies debunked, new cooling technology uses carbon dioxide as a refrigerant instead producing CO2 as a pollutant.