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kids and fruit, how much fruit should kids eat

Are Your Kids Eating Enough Fruit and Veggies?

Learn how many servings of fruit and vegetables your children need for a healthy and balanced diet and see our tips on how to get kids to eat them.

baby shoes

How Important Are Baby Shoes?

Bones and joints in young feet are very flexible and vulnerable to poor habits and incorrect footwear. Find out how to choose the right shoes for your baby as he grows and starts walking.

health benefits of avocado, guacamole

Enhance Your Memory at Any Age

A few simple tips that will give your brain a boost and help enhance your memory.

Latina verde: Pineapples and avocados

Latina Verde

We are happy to announce our new bi-weekly feature, Latina Verde, to be published in Spanish. It will be focused on healthy and green living in Spanish-speaking communities around the world, and will include posts on food, kids, home, environment, wellness and news.

sugary drink risk

NYC Soda Ban: Will Banning Junk Food Change Our Bad Habits?

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg announced his intent to ban sales of super-sized sugary sodas; the debate continues on how to best change society’s big, bad habits.

Reuse Your Water Bottle Safely

Learn how to clean your reusable water bottles to keep bacteria at bay.

Exercise Can Make You Smarter

New studies show that physical exercise can make our minds more nimble.

Gluten free chocolate cake

Warm Flourless Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Cake

This dark chocolate cake will satisfy any chocolate craving; fresh fruit adds cool, tangy flavor.

sugary drink risk

Love Your Soda Drinks? Consider Your Health

More reasons to limit soda intake for kids, and some healthier alternatives.

Could Resistance to Antibiotics Be the End of Modern Medicine?

Resistance to antimicrobials is making it harder for our immune systems to fight common infection.

To Our Health: The Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Which wines are best, and why?

Your Kidneys and Sodium

Learn how to protect babies and children from the common yet preventable dangers that can lead to kidney damage.

Shark Cartilage Supplements Could Contain Neurotoxin

Shark cartilage, a popular dietary supplement promoted as a cancer fighter and a remedy for joint and bone problems gained worldwide popularity since the 1992 best-selling book Sharks Don’t Get Cancer. But new scientific findings indicate that shark cartilage contains potentially toxic compounds. Read more ➞

Ginger May Help Enhance Memory and Improve Cognitive Function

Another reason to add ginger to your diet: According to a recent Thai study, ginger can help enhance our working memory and improve key indicators of cognitive function  (via Kitchen Daily). read more ➞