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  • Why teach girls about money: According to several recent studies, women lack behind men with their financial management skills, therefore teaching our girls these skills from early on is an important step for their adult life. For example, a 2013 Ameriprise study on retirement contributions reports that less women contribute to 401(k) plans than men. Also a newly released study from Wells Fargo reported that only 39% of women are saving at the recommended “contribution index” level. Here are five financial skills to teach our young girls during their formative years that will come very handy later on (and they may thank us for): 1. negotiating is fun, 2. delay gratification, 3. speak up, voice your opinion and make your own decisions; 4. enjoy the effort more than the results, 5. travel lightly in this world. Get the details in the original article.
  • The best time for vitamins: Vitamins naturally contained in fruit, vegetables and other foods are easier for digestion and absorption than artificially derived ones. Therefore synthetic vitamins and minerals might need to be taken at different times of the day for best absorption by our body. For example, the best time of day for a multivitamin is in the morning with our first meal since food and the naturally occurring vitamins that food provides aid absorption. Also, taking them in the morning allows for the best chance to be absorbed into your system with the food we eat all throughout the day. Similarly B vitamins, best  known to help combating stress and fatigue (also known as the energy vitamins), are better to be consumed in the morning. See about other vitamins in the full article.
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