Teach Your Kids to Recycle


Teach kids to recycle

Recycling is one of the most important things every one of us including children can do on a daily basis to help our environment. “Reduce-reuse-recycle” has been the motto of many green and environmental groups and companies for many years now.

When you teach your kids to recycle, you’re helping them live a healthy and green lifestyle, and you’re giving them knowledge about sustainable living that will last them a lifetime.

Whether at home or in the park, plastic bottles, paper and aluminum material belong in a recycling bin, not in the trash. Many cities and public spaces now have recycling bins installed. When your kids get it right, applaud them for their accomplishment. They’ll reward you with a great smile and will proudly show their friends how to go green. You can even make “figuring out what gets recycled” a game they’ll enjoy. Even better, you can get creative and build something at home using recycled materials. You can make special decorations using recycled materials or maybe build a desk using recycled closet doors. But the real fun and excitement is in making your own homemade toys, games or playgrounds by recycling old materials and products. We have plenty of creative ideas that will keep the whole family entertained.

According to the National Recycling Coalition, the ten most important materials to recycle are:

  1. aluminum
  2. PET plastic bottles-such as water bottles
  3. newspapers
  4. corrugated cardboard
  5. steel cans
  6. HDPE (or high-density polyethylene) plastic bottles-such as detergent, bleach, shampoo, milk containers
  7. glass jars and containers
  8. magazines
  9. mixed paper
  10. computers

teach kids to recycle

Happy recycling!

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