Ten Non-Dairy Foods Rich in Calcium, Candy and Serious Choking Incidents Among Kids, Make Your Own Cheese


Our Monday green news bring you the latest on nutrition, good causes and child education kids and choking hazzard

  • Ten non-dairy foods rich in Calcium: Whether you follow a vegan diet, have lactose-intolerance or simply want to cut dairy out of your diet for a while, these ten non-dairy foods such as broccoli, tofu or oatmeal are high in essential calcium; so you should consider adding some or all of these foods to your balanced diet.
  • Candy and serious choking incidents among kids: According to a new study published in the journal Pediatrics, hard candy is responsible for 15.5% of the nonfatal choking incidents among children, and “other candy” causes an additional 12.8% of choking incidents requiring serious medical attention. Candy is cited as the number one food item associated with serious choking incidents among kids.
  • Make your own cheese: If you are a cheese-lover and prefer to have your cheese as fresh as it can be, you can make it yourself at home and control what ingredients go in. These four recipes use only three basic ingredients and you can use either cow’s, goat’s or sheep’s milk and buy it from local farmers or organic.
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