The Art and Craft of Creating a Green Sanctuary in 2017


green living, sustainability, green tipsSustainable homes are not just some fad. They are transforming the residential landscape and illuminating the path ahead to the better, greener future. Solar panels are no longer some odd anomaly, and we are breaking new ground with each passing day. Green homes are built as energy-efficient paragons that promote health and feature cutting-edge tech solutions. Have a fresh start in 2017 and assemble a spellbinding green home that speaks to your personality and benefits all inhabitants.

Green light

Green homes revolve around a few simple principles. They are comfortably cooled and heated over the course of the year with minimal energy usage. Moreover, they tend to minimize the water consumption with solutions such as whole house water filtration systems that address problems like water crises and raising health concerns.

green living, sustainability, green tips, eco kitchen

Speaking of health, it’s another high priority of the sustainable design. When you have a baby or a kid in the home, it’s of the utmost importance to cleanse it of harmful chemicals and toxins. There’s a wide array of menaces that lurk in a typical living environment and they involve lead paint, radon and similar gases, smoke, mold, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), etc.

Lead the way

This brings us to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) homes that operate on less water and energy (between 30% and 60%), allowing considerable money savings. In addition, they’re cleaner and safer than regular homes as they provide clean indoor air. Many parents are not aware that indoor air pollutant levels can be up to ten times higher than the outdoor levels.

It is a win-win scenario: You can preserve the health and well-being of the little ones and accomplish thousands of dollars in savings. More than 121,400 homes have attained LEED certification across the globe, so take your chance to embrace green living at its best.

Tech (r)evolution

Internet of things (IoT) is the rapidly expanding matrix of physical objects that are capable of sending and receiving data. It has given rise to the phenomenon of automated, smart homes that are becoming a norm in sustainable design. Smart devices flood the market in 2017 and they come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.

green living, sustainability, green tips, eco kitchen

Smart appliances in the kitchen are an absolute must and they come as a blessing to busy moms. In general, it is possible to remotely control nearly all elements of the living environment: pre-heat the oven on the way home, set lighting timers, and keep a watchful eye on your kids even when away from home.

Warm embrace

HVAC systems have undergone a dynamic evolution. To our utmost joy, many exciting trends have already rocked the interior design. One of them takes the form of heated floors: They heat the whole room with little energy and keep crawling babies warm and comfortable during the winter. However, note that insulation is the bedrock of a home’s energy efficiency.

I learned this the hard way, upon encountering problems with my home’s thermal envelope and doing roof repairs in Sydney. To avoid a considerable energy loss, inspect your present insulation and pinpoint any leaks and cracks. Employ smart solutions like heat-sensor window treatments that automatically close or open, depending on your temperature preferences.

Functionality first

green tips, functionaliy

Green homes involve many striking décor aspects, but first and foremost, they are functional spaces that are tailored to family living. Namely, sustainable trends are leaning towards multi-functional layouts. This kind of design thinking, for example, allows kitchens to double as entertainment areas for kids. Furthermore, open floor plan is something that lets parents monitor their kids easier.

Remodeling with maximum space efficiency in mind is much less expensive than adding to the footprint when you have a baby on the way. Finally, strive to adhere to the prominent trend of re-purposing and give old items a new role in your household. This strategy saves money, ignites creativity, and brings fun to family homes.

green kids, green living, green tips

Environmental commitment can be demonstrated through your actions, habits, words, but also your interior design. Feel free to start small with splashes of greenery around the home or go for a total renovation: it is up to you. Know that you have a chance to save a truckload of money in the long run, virtually interact with your home environment, and revamp the looks.  So, stay on top of emerging trends, look to the great outdoors for inspiration, and get your creative juices flowing.

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