The Greenest US Colleges, World’s First Corporate Responsibility Law, High-Performance Building Pilot in Seattle


Our Thursday green news bring you the latest on green architecture, climate change, energy and communities.

Dickinson College Pennsylvania

One of top 10 green colleges: Dickinson College in Pennsylvania, photo courtesy of oppositeofsuper via Flickr

  • The greenest US colleges: Green American colleges such as University of Connecticut, UC Santa Barbara, American University in Washington D.C. and several others are not only reducing their carbon emissions and providing education in environmentally-friendly spaces; these schools are now also educating future environmental leaders.
  • World’s first corporate responsibility law: India is the first country in the world to pass a corporate responsibility law. The law requires large companies to spend two percent of their annual profits on initiatives such as ensuring environmental sustainability.
  • High-performance building pilot in Seattle: A new smart buildings partnership between the city of Seattle, Microsoft and the Seattle 2030 District aims at reducing power consumption through real-time data analysis of Seattle buildings. This pilot program will use information technology to analyze building performance in real-time, allowing building owners to bring energy efficiency into existing buildings, without costly changes and without interrupting tenants.
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