The Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities


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  • The most bicycle-friendly cities: Urban design consultancy firm Copenhagenize has recently released its annual list of the world’s most bicycle-friendly cities, with Denmark’s Copenhagen scoring the first place. Among U.S. cities only one-Minneapolis-made it to the top 20. The top 20 bike-friendly cities of 2015 are: 1.Copenhagen, 2.Amsterdam, 3.Utrecht,
    4.Strasbourg, 5.Eindhoven, 6.Malmö, 7.Nantes, 8.Bordeaux, 9. Antwerp
    10.Seville, 11.Barcelona, 12.Berlin, 13.Ljubljana, 14.Buenos Aires, 15.Dublin, 16.Vienna, 17.Paris, 18.Minneapolis, 19.Hamburg, 20.Montréal.
  • Cancer risk from toxic contaminants tripled in California: In a response to research conducted over the last decade indicating that breathing in pollution carries almost three times the risk of causing cancer than was previously thought and young children and infants are especially vulnerable, new regulations are being imposed on factories and oil refineries in southern California and their emissions of air toxins. Scientists have found that inhaling industrial pollutants early in childhood could significantly raise the risk of developing cancer later in life. According to the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) governing board, the region is inhabited by half of the population of California, is the second-most populated urban area in the US but is also “one of the smoggiest”. Industrial concerns will now be required to take measures ranging from further reducing pollutants pumped into the air to warning nearby residents of the health risks of emissions based on their actual levels of toxic emissions.
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