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he Ocean Cleanup, ocean cleanup project

Photo courtesy of The Ocean Cleanup

  • The ocean cleanup project by young environmentalist:  Last year, a young Dutch environmentalist Boyan Slat made headlines for developing the world’s first “feasible concept to clean the oceans of plastic” called The Ocean Cleanup. The former aerospace engineering student claims his plastic-capturing concept can clean half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in a decade. The project was inspired by Slate’s diving trip in Greece in 2011 where he saw more plastic in the water than marine life. Unlike the very costly and inefficient traditional strategies of capturing ocean plastic, Slat’s design involves a static platform that passively corrals plastics as wind and ocean currents push debris through V-shaped booms that are 100 kilometers long. The floating filters would catch all the plastic off the top three meters of water where the concentration of plastic is the highest, while allowing fish and other marine life to pass under without getting caught. Besides natural currents, the self-sufficient platform would also be powered by 162 solar panels.
  • The top green U.S. buildings this year: The Committee on the Environment (COTE) as part of the AIA has been carefully selecting and highlighting the most progressive efforts in sustainable design in the U.S. for the past 19 years. Every year, the COTE awards Top Ten Green Project as an inspiration and demonstration of the rising standards in green design. The winners prove the diversity in sustainable building design and each project illustrates one of the COTE’s ten criteria. The top ten awarded green buildings of 2015 are: 1. The Bullitt Center in Seattle, WA by The Miller Hull Partnership, 2. CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory in Hamilton, Ontario by Canada Diamond Schmitt, 3. E+ Highland Street, Boston, MA by Interface Studio Architects (ISA) and Urbanica Design, 4. Collaborative Life Sciences Building for OHSU, PSU & OSU, Portland, OR by SERA Architects and CO Architects, 5. Federal Center South Building 1202, Seattle, WA by ZGF Architects, 6. Hughes Warehouse Adaptive Reuse, San Antonio, TX by Overland Partners, 7. New Orleans Bio-Innovation Center, New Orleans, LA, by Eskew+Dumez+Ripple, 8. Military Medical Hospital, ​San Antonio, TX by RTKL, 9. Sweetwater Spectrum Community, Sonoma, CA by Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects, 10. Tassafaronga Village, Oakland, CA by David Baker Architects.
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Federal Center South Building in Seattle, WA, Photo courtesy of ZGF Architects

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