Tomatoes and Water Purification, Refreshing Fruit Eskimo Cubes, Kids and Bone Health


Our Monday green news bring you the latest on nutrition, good causes and child education: benefits of tomatoes, water purification

  • Tomatoes and water purification: A recent study published in the American Chemical Society Journal presents a new water purification method using simple household scraps such as peels of apples and tomatoes. This simple yet brilliant method is the first of its kind and could represent a major breakthrough as a cost-effective water purification system of contaminated water for developing countries.
  • Refreshing fruit Eskimo cubes for hot summer days: Ditch the sugary frozen treats and try these simple, refreshing and healthy fruit cubes instead.
  • Start caring for your bones from early on: Caring for our bones should start at childhood and continue through adolescence, according to research specialists on bone health. During the early years the body is building most of its bone strength that will have to be sustained during its adult life, so proper care and attention is crucial during this time. Most people don’t start paying attention to their bone health until after age 30 or later.
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