Twelve Natural Anti-Inflammatory Foods


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  • Twelve natural anti-inflammatory foods:  Inflammation is a very common health problem that has been linked to major diseases including arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease as well as premature aging. However, many foods are naturally anti-inflammatory; and antioxidants found in many natural foods can protect cells from the effects of free radicals and therefore help reducing inflammation in our body. Among the top 12 natural anti-inflammatory foods are: 1. beets; 2. blueberries, 3. broccoli, 4. flax seeds, 5. green tea, 6. garlic, 7. ginger, 8. extra virgin olive oil, 9. onions, 10. seaweed, 11. spinach and 12. turmeric. For more details and specific benefits of each of these natural super-foods, see original article.
  • Fish and seafood to avoid for environmental or health concerns: Due to extreme overfishing in some parts of the world, some scientists and economists are concerned that there might be little or no seafood available for a sustainable harvest by year 2048. Organization Seafood Watch currently recommends to avoid the following popular seafood options, either for environmental or health concerns: 1.caviar: from all wild-caught sturgeon and paddlefish, 2.cod: Atlantic cod from the Gulf of Maine and the Georges Bank as well as all Pacific cod from Japan and Russia, 3.eel: all armed freshwater eel worldwide, 4.halibut: all Atlantic halibut, 5.lobster: all lobster from southern New England, also spiny lobsters from Belize, Brazil, Honduras and Nicaragua, 6.mahi mahi: all mahi caught by international longline fleets with the exception of Ecuador, 7.marlin: all striped marlin and most blue marlin with the exception is blue marlin from Hawaii, 8.octopus: all octopuses from Mauritania, Morocco, Philippines, Spain and Portugal, roughy: all orange roughy is currently endangered, 10.salmon: most farmed salmon should be avoided due to health concerns, 11. shark: most sharks should be avoided, 12.shrimp: wild shrimp from Louisiana and Mexico and most shrimp imported from outside the U.S. for health concerns, 13. snapper: red snapper from the South Atlantic as well as New Zealand Tai snapper caught by bottom trawls or Danish seines, 14.squid: all squid from India, Thailand and China, 15.swordfish: all imported swordfish caught by international longline fleets, 16.tuna: avoid tuna caught with purse seines with FADs (fish aggregating devices) and most longline methods. More about good and bad fish.
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