Why Organic Produce Is the Healthiest Choice


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Choosing food for yourself and your family can seem like a complicated task given the various choices that are available to modern shoppers. With a plethora of man-made chemicals in our food supply as well as a host of confusing terms used on product packaging, the simple task of eating can become overwhelming. Fortunately, many health-conscious consumers are pushing for more stringent labeling of food products, as well as an increased availability of foods that are nutritious, safe to eat, and delicious at the same time. So when should you choose organic food and why? Here are a few reasons why organically-grown produce is the smartest choice for your health:

1. Know what’s in your food

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), almost 1 in 10 people in the world fall ill from contaminated food with the loss of 420,000 fatalities each year. The incidence of illnesses and diseases in recent decades has grown. From food allergies, autoimmune disorders, variety of cancers, digestive disorders, to coronary and heart diseases, these and more are now a growing threat to consumers. More and more people share a concern that modern agricultural practices and food production, as well as our new eating habits, highly contribute to these health issues.

For a food to become certified by the USDA as organic, there are strict standards which must be met. This process ensures that organically-grown produce does not involve the use of antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, genetically modified organisms, or synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

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2. Protect the environment

Another crucial reason to select organic produce is to help promote sustainable farming practices which cause considerably less damage to the ecosystem than conventional agricultural methods. Synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers which are commonplace in conventional farming make their way into the soil, water, and air, causing wildlife as well as humans to be impacted in numerous ways. Organically-grown produce, however, does not create this widespread contamination of the planet’s natural resources. If you want to start your own organic garden, check out our Organic gardening basics for tips and guidance.

Additionally, organic farming practices, such as regular crop rotation, minimal tilling, inter-cropping, and symbiotic associations, prevent soil erosion as well as the decrease in biodiversity that is associated with conventional farming. Organic farming utilizes fertilizers like Nature Safe, which are more nutrient dense and contain no manures. Increased carbon retention is a huge benefit for the atmosphere, considering the alarming spikes in CO2 production which have sparked global concerns.

There are a multitude of reasons to choose organically-grown produce. If the reasons above aren’t enough, many believe the taste of organic produce is unparalleled! When you opt for organic produce, your body, your family, and the rest of the planet will thank you!

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