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Yoga isn’t just for adults; kids of all ages can get important physical and emotional benefits from learning and practicing yoga; it’s a great way to spend family time and can even help new moms bond with baby.

green parenting translates to healthy kidsYoga can enhance the flexibility of young bodies as well as build strength, coordination and body awareness. It also aids concentration, helps kids stay calm and helps them develop a positive attitude toward exercise. This Yoga Journal article explains that harnessing kids’ attention and getting them to understand the benefits of yoga is the key to getting them to enjoy it. Kids will enjoy getting into character as animals, trees, flowers or warriors–let them bark in the dog pose, hiss in the cobra, and meow in cat stretch.

Ugi the ultimate green iguana supporting yoga for kids I’m Ugi (the Ultimate Green Iguana). I’m already green, but I’m into learning new ways to help the planet–and me–stay healthy.

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As mentioned in this recent IBTimes piece on yoga for babies, methods developed especially for children–like the ones used by Yoga 4 Kids  –allow yoga practice to be tailored to age and comprehension level. For example, yoga programs just for babies, toddlers, teens or special-needs children integrate yoga with the way kids learn and develop at different stages. Yogababies instructs new parents in prenatal yoga and mom-and-infant yoga.

For more tips on Yoga for Kids & Families, see our video.

Resources on yoga for kids, babies and families:

Yoga Journal, IBTimes, Yoga 4 Kids, Yogababies, Zen Baby Yoga

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