Your Kids, Your Fridge and Healthy Eating Habits


Making sure your kids are eating healthy can be a real challenge. Especially since they are exposed to so many unhealthy temptations at school, friends’ houses, sporting events and in the media.

unhealthy snacks for kids

So how can we make sure they’re growing up with good eating habits?
From my own experience–both raising a child and having been one myself–the best approach is: If you don’t buy it, nobody can eat it. If you’ve ever dieted to lose weight you may have used the same tactic for success: Just don’t keep it in the house.

Your fridge can be your best ally in keeping temptation out of reach. It’s the place everyone looks to see what’s available, and if kids see it, they’ll want to eat it.

What can you do to make sure your fridge is your best friend when it comes to health?

1. If you buy treats for yourself and others but you don’t want your children to eat them, hide them from their sight and reach. Fill your fridge with the healthy snacks and treats you do want them to eat.
2. Don’t forget that parents are among the biggest role models kids have, so if they see you munching on food they’re not allowed to have, not only will they want some, too, but you’ll lose their respect and your authority when it comes to healthy habits. They may go behind your back looking for  treats on their own and, when they’re older, buy them when you’re not around. Kids are likely to do what you do rather than what you say–showing them your own healthy habits goes a long way to establishing theirs.
You may ask why food choices are such an important issue for kids. What’s wrong with the occasional treat? The answer is, nothing at all. Individual foods themselves aren’t evil, and totally forbidding any kind of treats can backfire. What’s important is to get kids to enjoy eating what’s good for their bodies and minds so that their everyday diet is the best it can be, and occasional treats are just that and should not be part of anyone’s regular diet.
unhealthy treats for kids
Most conventional snacks such as cookies, chips or other refreshments are full of salt, sugars or other processed additives that are definitely not good for our bodies. And when consumed frequently and in bigger amounts they can affect our health as well. Usually when you eat a snack that is very salty, our taste buds want to balance it with something sweet. That’s where potato chips and soda become a bad combination, creating an unhealthy snacking habit that might later be hard to kick. These type of snacks often have little to no nutritional value for kids, whose growing bodies need foods rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber for proper growth.
Good habits like eating nutrient-rich foods and avoiding sugars will also make it easy to avoid obesity other health issues that plague so many adults.
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You can only control your child’s environment in your own home, so focus on building a healthy base so your kids can take it with them wherever they go–and teach their friends, too.
Our motto says it all: Healthy kids equal happy adults.
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